2021 LFP Cohort at Leadership Fellows Program

(Class of 2020)

Admission Decisions:

Once all the LFP application documents are received, LFP admission decisions are processed on a rolling basis until the cohort is considered full. Applications for the Campolo Scholars Christian Service Track are made available to students after they are accepted into the LFP Program - “CST” also has rolling admission.

The deadlines for applications are as follows:

  • Early Decision: November 6th
  • Round 1: December 4th
  • Round 2: January 15th
  • Round 3: March 30th

Thank you for your interest in the Leadership Fellows Program, beyond the scholarship I believe that the program offers an array of intrinsic value to a student’s educational experience, spiritual growth, and character development. If you have any questions about the program or application please do not hesitate to contact your admissions counselor or LFP director here.


  • Click Here
  • A Resume is NOT required
  • You will need access to a Webcam to complete application.
  • Try to finish your Creative YOU (see below) video before starting this application. I am NOT expecting a professional video.
  • You will need to list a professional or personal reference.


  • When filling out the essay questions copy and paste each short essay in the following fields provided below.
  • Word count should be between 250-350 words per each numbered essay.


  • Please provide a link for a video that showcases “YOU”.
  • There are no rules or requirements to this project other than the video needing to be a maximum of 30 seconds long and submitted as a YouTube Link in the space provided.

The turnaround for this process is an average of 20 days from when the application is received (this step is not dependent on your reference), yet depending on the influx of applications at a particular time it could be more or less time. You will be contacted via email or phone about our decision: a) selected for an in-person/skype interview, b) placed on the wait-list with an estimated decision date and instructions, or c) not selected. Based on the application deadlines (above) the committee will decide on all candidates in a given round before moving on to the next pool (round) of candidates.

Thank you for considering the Leadership Fellows Program at Eastern University – the selection committee looks forward to getting to know you. We will pray that God directs you where He wants you in your college selection process and that with wisdom and discernment we will select a wonderful group of leaders for the Class of 2021 cohort. This is a selective program so give it your best!


Dr. Nathaniel J. Stutzman

LFP Director